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Rock's Not Dead



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crazy little thing called moth

My journal is friends-locked. Please comment to be added.
  • Hello, I'm back... would love to be friends you again! : )
  • :]

    This would be the new one, darling!!!

  • Hallo, I have add you, because you gain my favour in inexplicable way. Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language.
    • Oh, hi. I added you back. Glad I did something you liked. lol What was it that got you so interested in me?
      • It was an inexplicable, irrational action on my part :))) The list of your interests, your user-picks, your tastes… I don’t know why, but it seems to me, that it will be interesting, cognitive to associate with you :)
        • Ah, I see. :) Yes, I'm sure it will be. I see we have quite a few interests in common. Oh, I love your Atsushi icon, by the way. *dreams*

          And I see most of your lj is in Russian. I can read Russian. Unfortunately I can't understand it. I only had one and half years of lessons and they were erratic so all I can really still do is read it and wonder what it means. lol
  • Hey! I figured we should also friend each other. It will make it easier for you to contact me.

    Also, I'm usually invisible when I'm on YIM, so when you get on if you need to talk to me im me even if I appear offline. Either that or you can used AIM or Gtalk (all of them with the same username).
  • How can i read your fiction?
    kaikan plase and anything else
    • Hi. You can find all my fic at words_by_storm. I actually only have one Kaikan Phrase fic up to now. I wrote that at the time and kinda, I guess, lost interest because the fandom is 100 % dead. I still love Kaikan Phrase, just don't write fic for it. lol But feel free to check out any and all my other fic.
  • Hihi. Friends with Gina korikatamarisan. I see you're a Trinity and Potterverse fangirl. The more, the merrier? :)
    • Hi. Yeah, sure. :)

      I'm hardly active in either fandom anymore, but still love them both. And am about to get back into Potterverse. But yeah, it's always great to friend more people. :) The more the merrier indeed.
  • (no subject) -
  • i really like your ff fics
    please add! thanks
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